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artist 9 years ago
loved her boobs.
Enthusiastic Viewer 9 years ago
She's never met a vampire before... yet she is herself a vampire. Who the fuck does she think turned her then? A garden gnome?!
Dracula 4 years ago
What the fuck is this shit. This and Twilight put my ass to shame.
F.c.B 7 years ago
I like her latex
Mad 4 years ago
All I could focus on was how purple the girls hands for when she was tied up. Thought she was going to lose them for a second.
Cesar 9 years ago
What a fucking cliffhanger
Breezy 1 year ago
Names please?
Justin 4 years ago
Who wrote this? This is awful as all all
Emir 9 years ago
WTF was that?..
Obviously not porn :))
Worthless 4 years ago
Worthless bitch if I'm watching this you better be taking the dick in your pussy you fucking whore